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Malcolm and his siblings secured her release 24 years later.

He befriended John Elroy Sanford, a fellow dishwasher at Jimmy's Chicken Shack in Harlem who aspired to be a professional comedian.

Police officers shot seven Muslims, including William X Rogers, who was hit in the back and paralyzed for life, and Ronald Stokes, a Korean War veteran, who was shot from behind while raising his hands over his head to surrender, killing him.

X, the desecration of the mosque and the violence demanded action, and he used what Farrakhan later called his "gangsterlike past" to rally the more hardened of the NOI members to take violent action against the police.

In late 1961, there were violent confrontations between NOI members and police in South Central Los Angeles, and numerous Muslims were arrested. Just after midnight on April27, 1962, two LAPD officers shoved and beat several Muslims outside Temple Number 27 without provocation.

He repudiated the Nation of Islam, disavowed racism and founded Muslim Mosque, Inc. He continued to emphasize Pan-Africanism, black self-determination, and black self-defense.

In his autobiography, Malcolm X wrote proudly of some of the social achievements the Nation made while he was a member, particularly its free drug rehabilitation program.

The Nation promoted black supremacy, advocated the separation of black and white Americans, and rejected the civil rights movement for its emphasis on integration.

His speeches had a powerful effect on his audiences, who were generally African Americans in northern and western cities.

Many of them‍—‌tired of being told to wait for freedom, justice, equality and respect X to reassess his relationship with the Nation of Islam, and particularly its leader, Elijah Muhammad.

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