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Instead of imitating Bowie, he came to a conclusion that Bowie’s life could serve as a sort of “northern star” to guide him and not a blueprint; that mental dawning opened what he described as “ancient doors” within him to a deeper self knowledge and love.

“Listen to the stage directions from the universe,” Ru instructed the crowd. Ru Paul admitted he originally started drag as a one-off gimmick for his punk band, and despite it having a major impact on those he encountered, he didn’t quite accept it as his bullet train to fame until he was able to free himself of the idea that his path in life must mimic Bowie’s.

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Act now to ensure that your wireless equipment is ready for the future.Of course, Ru Paul did eventually get famous via his music in the ‘90s and then through his conversation-dominating, culture-shifting TV series in the last decade (he does, however, balk at the idea that drag is now mainstream, something a few cultural critics have claimed even though drag queens can’t walk down most American streets – New York included -- in drag without endangering their personal safety).As for that TV series, Ru spilled some tea by confirmed the show’s next season would begin filming Friday, July 28 (“So I won’t be having any pizza slices in New York,” he deadpanned).But isn’t the only TV project on his horizon – he and J. Abrams are currently shopping a TV series about his pre-fame NYC life in the early '80s.That process involves showing industry folks a sizzle reel that includes real-life footage of him traipsing around Manhattan in the Reagan Era, which anyone can see by typing “Ru Paul 80s” into You Tube.

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