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The San Francisco Chronicle: Zika Virus: Berkeley Woman Tested For Mosquito-Borne Infection A pregnant Berkeley woman is reportedly being tested for Zika, the mosquito-borne viral infection sweeping through Latin America and the Caribbean linked to serious brain defects in infants.(Colliver, 1/22) KPCC: LA And Orange County Working To Prevent Spread Of Zika Virus As concerns increase throughout the Americas about a mosquito-borne virus associated with serious birth defects, Southern California public health agencies are taking steps to prevent illness among pregnant women and their babies.Wade Supreme Court decision that established a legal right to abortion.“I have a lifetime voting record of 100%.” (Haddon, 1/22) The New York Times: Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Battle For Party’s Future The race between Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders is not just about the White House anymore.(Stempel, 1/22) Clinton Reminds Voters She Wanted Universal Health Care First Hillary Clinton says she just has a different way of working toward providing coverage to everyone than her opponent Bernie Sanders.Meanwhile, Bloomberg News examines her claims that "Hillary Care" was the precursor to the Affordable Care Act.

Senators plan to begin work Wednesday evening, extending a delay imposed even before the storm hit.

Reuters: Regulators Approve Health Study On Huge Gas Leak Regional air quality regulators in California voted on Saturday to require the utility responsible for a ruptured underground pipeline in the Los Angeles area to underwrite an independent study on the health effects of a huge methane leak from the site.

The natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon, just outside the Los Angeles neighborhood of Porter Ranch, began on Oct. (Lehman, 1/23) After Exhibiting Symptoms, Pregnant Berkeley Woman Tested For Zika Meanwhile, public health officials in LA and Orange County are taking steps to prevent the illness among women there, and WHO warns that the outbreak will likely affect every country but two in the Americas.

“I don't want to start over again, I don't want to rip up this accomplishment and begin this contentious debate all over again.” (Kapur, 1/22) USA Today: Sanders' ' Medicare For All' Plan May Not Help Working Seniors Bernie Sanders’ plan to deliver “Medicare for all” may be a good deal for many Americans, but it might be bad for working seniors already enrolled in the government health plan.

Under his plan, the nation’s 8.5 million seniors over the age of 65 and already eligible for Medicare would get hit with tax increases.

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