6 month dating anniversary gift for him

So, have you ever thought that he had money problems and couldn't get you anything, and was depressed and despondent about it because of your high expectations?Grow a little compassion and try seeing things through another person's eyes.A daily journal that you fill out as a couple for three years.Each day you answer a question together and by the time those three years are over, you'll have a wonderful time capsule of your early married life.It might sound selfish, but you really do have to look out for yourself with people like that. If you celebrate once a month, you should call it Monthiversary (yeah it's not a word, I know, but I hate people who use Anniversary wrong! Also making a big deal out of it means you'll get more dumb FMLs just because something 'amazing' didn't happen that day.This relationship could turn very toxic, very quickly. ) Maybe that's why he hates his life, because you celebrate these damn things too often. You can't get annoyed that your day wasn't the most perfectest day ever just because three hundred and one days ago you two got together.why the hell would you expect a fricken present u should just be happy if your with him... Yeah that's nothing, for my 100th wedding anniversary my husband shot me 5 times and then had a group orgy with a bunch of Victoria's Secret models right in front of me, and you think YOU have it bad?? "OMG MY MOMMY SHUT OFF THE INTERNET AND I COULDN'T UPLOAD MY WEIRD ANGLED PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURES TO MY MYSPACE AND THEN CAPTION THEM WITH LYRICS FROM SOME SHITTY EMO BAND, AND YOU THINK YOU HAVE IT BAD OP???and btw what whould you expect for him to get you??

Although, I did use the same answer more than once when it really applied and make me think hilarious thoughts.

Highly suggest going through and writing out the answers before you actually print them in the book.

You might be able to use the same answer for something better.

The best way to select a gift depends on what you’re trying to communicate.

Make something personal instead of buying a gift to express sentimentality.

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