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Slander refers to defamation when spoken, and libel means written defamation. The Charge was I deleted system logs to hide who delet...i am a self-employed truck driver.The legal test for proving and defending libel and slander claims is the same as for defamation. The new clinical director stated that I was "overwhelmed with billing issues when the biller was gone and that I had to go get help from another employee because I 'could not' han... Is this I was working in a company for more that 6 years and I quit my job, to much gossipy, now two co worker are telling the owner of the company that i was stealing from him. After a month I was fired after days of workplace retaliation from my employer for calling him out on serving food that could potentially poison customers. I worked for almost 15 years with the MA state gov. in todays troubling times it is becoming increasingly difficult to be successful in my industry.The "privilege" is a defense to a defamation claim.An employer can, for example, respond to a reference request by stating that an employee "stole from us" and avoid a finding for defamation at work, even if wrong, as long as the employer did not act out of malice.Questions and Answers (4,762) CAN I FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST MY EMPLOYER FOR ALL THE VIOLATIONS AGAINST ME INCLUDING I was recently laid off from a white-collar technical position. My supv claimed that I failed to execute on a particular machine that I help monitor on my job. After 7 months of struggling to make ends meet working for the compa...Immediately after, my ex-boss sent a division-wide email (several-hundred recipients) announcing my layoff and adding his "opinion" that... This is not a case against my employer but against a third party where I execute my duties of employment. I manage a territory of distributors for a large corporation.The employee must still prove that the statement caused damage, though.An employer has a qualified privilege to make statements about its employees concerning matters of their employment, especially when made in response to another employer's request for a reference.

Opinions are not facts, so defamation claims based solely on unfavorable opinions will fail.Defamation at work requires publication of the false statement to a third party.As a result, supervisors do not defame employees by telling only them that they did something terrible even if, in fact, they did not. In a similar sense, if the supervisor told the Human Resources Director that the employee did something awful, when the employee did not, the supervisor still has not defamed the employee.He was one of the top earning sales people in the company.So, it would be unlikely that they would terminate him over something...i have just got my letter to sue from eeoc and i think i have several issues sexual discrimination to a male by male supervisor ie pinching pulling of arm hair, on job harassing phone calls while i am...first i was hired as an Adm. 3 months into the job I was in a meeting w/the pres, dir, and accountant.

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