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My list of free movie apps has several apps that let you stream 100% legal movies and shows.

However, that list isn't exhaustive, so not seeing a particular app listed there doesn't automatically mean that it's illegal.

Finding a contact email address is great but if they have a physical address and phone number, that's even better.If they aren't charging a subscription fee then they are most likely making money through advertisements.Advertisements can be shown through click ads on their website or as periodic commercials during the movie or TV show that you're watching.Not all legal movie streaming websites have a mobile application for watching their movies and shows on the go, but if they do have one, it's likely that you can watch the movies without fear of violating a copyright.This is because the app store that's giving out the app, like the App Store used on the i Phone and other i OS devices, doesn't want its users downloading or streaming illegal content.

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