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Only time will tell what the true fallout of Cloudbleed will be, and hopefully it won't be too bad.

But it's already too late to stop it, so take what measures you can.

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But the surprising thing is that other dating websites haven’t learned the lesson from this attack.

Imagine if dialing your phone in a certain way gave you a random bit of The examples we're finding are so bad, I cancelled some weekend plans to go into the office on Sunday to help build some tools to cleanup. I'm finding private messages from major dating sites, full messages from a well-known chat service, online password manager data, frames from adult video sites, hotel bookings.

We're talking full https requests, client IP addresses, full responses, cookies, passwords, keys, data, everything.

The true impact of the bug depends on whether anyone with nefarious intentions also found this flaw and deliberately exploited it. As Cloudflare explains in its long, in-depth blog on the flaw, data that was leaked by the vulnerability was slurped up by Google and other search engines that routinely crawl the web, caching the content they find: An additional problem was that Google (and other search engines) had cached some of the leaked memory through their normal crawling and caching processes.

Someone with the knowledge and the means could have repeatedly pinged various affected websites, capturing as much random data as possible with the intent to go through it later, panning for cybergold. We wanted to ensure that this memory was scrubbed from search engine caches before the public disclosure of the problem so that third-parties would not be able to go hunting for sensitive information.

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