Afare dating

It can also specify that the return must be after a particular day.For instance some weekender tickets specify that you have to return after the Friday.Theoretically you can travel out on any one of those days.The validity code can also specify that the return must be a certain number of days or months after the outward journey.Now we’re going to validate that a journey is permitted using a fare.The data we need for that is all in the fares feed and as part of that we will be covering the fares restriction data which is a notoriously obtuse set of data.A fare has an outward validity period and a return validity period and these are set by the validity code of the ticket type.For example, a return ticket might have an outward validity period of .

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It seems that that is allowed, making the end date redundant.

Please note this post is now out of date, please check the wiki for the latest version.

In my previous post we covered the steps needed to calculate a fare.

Working out group stations is covered in calculating a fare.

One thing to bear in mind is that travel in either direction is permitted for season tickets and travelcards.

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