Al qaeda on internet dating sites

The first report examined America’s global grand strategic objectives as they relate to the threat from ISIS and al Qaeda.

Current counter-terrorism operations have not contained these threats and will not prevent additional attacks in the West.After claiming that its forces have cornered a senior al-Qaida figure in a remote tribal area, Pakistan admits its prey has escaped - probably via a mile-long tunnel running through the battlefield.A fresh attempt to wreak havoc with a bomb attack on Spanish trains is foiled in April after a bag containing explosives is discovered under a high-speed rail track 40 miles south of Madrid.A week later, a tape handed to the Associated Press purporting to be from Bin Laden calls on citizens of Arab and Muslim governments that supported the US-led invasion to rise up against them.One month later, at least 75 people are killed in one week in suicide attacks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Casablanca, in Morocco.

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