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In addition, 4,231 Level 1 offenders would have been removed from the Registry without any judicial review.After three public hearings across New York State (Albany, Long Island and Brooklyn), Senator Skelos wrote the Megan’s Law Reform Act (Senate Bill 4793-B) to strengthen Megan’s Law in 25 different ways, including mandatory notification by police when a registered sex offender moves into a community, lifetime registration of all sex offenders, requiring information about all levels of sex offenders to be posted on the Internet and GPS monitoring for the worst offenders.– Under current law, convicted sex offenders whose victim was under age 18 cannot enter onto school grounds while on probation or parole.This legislation prohibits these convicted sex offenders and all level 3 sex offenders, regardless of the age of their victim, from coming within 1,000 feet of the school grounds during their period of probation or parole.At their discretion, both may further disseminate this information to other persons.Level Three Offenders: The requirements for notification for Level Three offenders are the same as Level Two but in addition, law enforcement agencies must issue a new release to local media.

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Level One Offenders: The website must provide a name, a dated photograph, and approximate address.

Now, all Level 1 sex offenders must register for 20 years., with 3,579 scheduled to escape registration by the end of 2006.

During the next five years, 5,365 Level 2 and 46 Level 3 sex offenders would have been removed from the Registry.

– In 2000, Senator Skelos enacted a law the required victims to be notified when an offender petitioned to legally change his/her name.

The law also required the state to keep a record of this name change.

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