Amanda bynes dating kid cudi

Here’s Mandy’s tweets denying Drake choppin’ it down: MAN-die is quite the twit isn’t she?Tweet all Grammy day about your special friend who is nominated who happens to be the “most talented guy,” what’d you think people would assume? he musta broke it off proper ‘cuz Manface has got it bad: Uh oh…"it's amaziing how good it feels when someone knows how to love your body!

Last week we got a tip that Amanda Bynes has it bad for a certain Grammy nominee that we guessed was Drake, but are now learning is likely to be Kid Cudi. These two have owned up to their “friendship” before, and with lil Mandy still tweeting away about her cuttybuddy, it’s looking more and more like Cudi’s about to get caught creepin’ by his girlfriend Jamie Baratta…

That's when you start relying more on your sense of humor.

Actress Amanda Bynes has denied reports she is dating Kid Cudi, insisting the pair is "just friends".

Bynes, 27, is the former star of TV's "The Amanda Show" and "What I Like About You," as well as of the films "What a Girl Wants" and "Hairspray." Her once-bright career has been eclipsed in recent months, however, by reports of her erratic behavior and motor vehicle offenses.

actress Amanda Bynes referred to Kid Cudi as her "ugly ex" in a rambling tweet about Complex Magazine's coverage of her and her former beau.

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