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Arabic literature emerged in the 6th century, with only fragments of the written language appearing before then.The Qur'an, from the 7th century, had the greatest and longest-lasting effect on Arabic culture and literature.

It would be incorrect though to call it modal, for the Arabic system is more complex than that of the Greek modes. maqamat), which looks like the mode, but is not quite the same.

The Arab world is sometimes divided into separate regions including Al-Maghrib Al-Arabi (consisting of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania), Fertile Crescent (consisting of Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan) and the Arabian Peninsula (consisting of south Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Al Ahwaz Al Arabiya, Oman and the UAE) and the Arabian Peninsula's Al-Janoub Al-Arabi (consisting of Yemen and Oman).

Arabic literature is the writing produced, both prose and poetry, by speakers of the Arabic language.

This is because poetry was used in pre-Islamic time to advertise the strength of a tribe’s king, wealth and people.

The One Thousand and One Nights (Arabic: ), is a medieval folk tale collection which tells the story of Scheherazade, a Sassanid queen who must relate a series of stories to her malevolent husband, King Shahryar (Šahryār), to delay her execution.

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