Ayn rand dating website

A cursory view of the eligible singles on the site reveal that many of them fancy themselves “thinkers”, “dreamers” or “writers”. Many of them talk about finding their Roark, Reardon or Dagny, because they painfully want these aggrandized, one-dimensional characters to exist in real life.

I am a real person because I have rational thought; I have real feelings because I believe in Objectivism with such intense passion.

One wise gent is delighted to find a refuge from the small-mindedness of other dating sites: Through other online dating sites I discovered that most people in New York City don’t have the same outlook on life (profiles actually included “Don’t write to me if you agree with Ayn Rand”).

Thankfully, I came across this website because I want to date a woman who shares my philosophy and outlook on life.should be a warm loving lady or i’ll probably drive her crazy–like to dance – ride my trike , cook, work out…

What can I offer such a lady in a love relationship? This means if I dislike the way she does things and I can show her a better way to do them, I’ll patiently do so, provided she is willing to consider my suggestions… He sounds kind of sweet, in a horrible, obsessive, “I need to re-think the organization of my silverware drawer tonight” kind of way. Not a single “Must be superior to the common scum” or “Seeking a partner with whom I can fly above the herd” or “experience with thrill killing a plus” in there.

Well, in essential terms, I’ll respect her right to: 1. This means if I disagree with her and the issue is important enough to let her know what I think, I’ll politely do so, provided she wants to know my views. So we suppose there is a lesson in here: When objectivists are trying to get laid, they aren’t nearly as douchey as they are when they’re posting blog comments.

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