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Adolescents who experience same gender attractions and behaviors more commonly label themselves as heterosexual than label themselves as homosexual.Therefore, the sensitive practitioner is likely to obtain more honest information from their teen patients if they inquire about sexual activity and attractions rather than to ask the teen to label themselves as GLB.No data document the validity of the above theory of gay, lesbian, or bisexual (GLB) sexuality made many years ago.Biological theories regarding GLB sexuality attempt to link sexual orientation with DNA markers on the X chromosome or to demonstrate that in utero maternal hormones have an effect on sexual orientation.Register a free account today and try it out for yourself!Teenagers who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual (GLB) are overwhelmingly similar to their non-GLB peers.Freud's theory attributes homosexual development in males to a family unit in which the adolescent has a strong relationship with his mother and a conflicted hostile relationship with a domineering father.

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For decades, researchers have asked the question of whether biological or social factors play the greater role in development of sexual attraction, without reaching a consensus.

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Other theories attempt to show that the brain of the male who is GLB is anatomically different from that of the male who is heterosexual.

Studies show a concordance of sexual orientation in male twins who are raised apart, lending support to the idea that biological factors greatly contribute to the development of sexual orientation.

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