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If Marks has his way, though, the legend will live again.Elms along our riverbanks will help to save an entire ecosystem of expansive floodplain forests, and generations to come will experience once more the profound beauty of these soaring trees along our city streets.The Wallace Elm in Colebrook, NH, harvested in 2017.

On a humid day in mid-June, Jessica Colby is hunched over a collection of bright green stems, each one waving a leaf or two, each one a tiny banner of hope.Photo © Lisette Stone / The Nature Conservancy This is the secret to successful restoration, explains Marks.“We need new varieties—genetic diversity.” For more than 60 years, researchers have been scrambling to develop this diversity, searching for varieties that can withstand Dutch elm disease, including a second more virulent form of the pathogen ).Success, ultimately, requires a leap of faith, an understanding that today’s efforts are a gift to the future, to forests unseen.In the sweltering greenhouses, interns Colby and Bazluke methodically complete row after row of cuttings—about 270 by the end of the day.

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