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Welcome to the world of the “elationship.” “I’ve been involved in five or six of these,” says Rich Giorgi, a 48-year-old tech writer from Carrboro, N. There’s no need to go any further.’ So I cut it off.

C., who in recent months found a “peach” of a girlfriend and left the online scene. I didn’t have the time to waste.” Harem scarem Why would someone spend all that time communicating with a person they never planned to meet?

You contact the same person to check in every few weeks, but never allow the relationship to progress.5.

You claim you're not technology savvy and don't understand how to use Skype or Face Time to take your digital relationship to the next level.

There's the woman with the profile photo from 1992.

Now, there’s a new online annoyance — the person who doesn’t want to meet but is all too happy to e-mail, text, tweet, IM, or scrawl on your Facebook wall indefinitely.

They don’t want a real relationship as much as its virtual doppelganger.

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