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The town named was changed to Revelstoke the next year, in honour of Lord Revelstoke, head of the London banking firm that saved the Canadian Pacific Railway from bankruptcy, with incorporation as the City of Revelstoke following in 1899.This gateway to mountain adventure and National Parks is not to be missed by anyone who appreciates a wonderful view.During the 1960s, when the Trans-Canada Highway opened, Woodenhead was moved to town as a local heritage artifact.Mount Revelstoke Internment Camp: During World War I, under the , internment camps were established at 24 locations across Canada for the detention of about 8,000 people, mostly Ukrainians and other Europeans, who were detained because they were considered to be enemy aliens.

Events: Don’t miss the annual Revelstoke Music Festival held in June.

One of these camps was located in Mount Revelstoke National Park, and is now commemorated with the Mount Revelstoke Internment Camp Commemoration along the Meadows-in-the-Sky Parkway.

More information on the Mount Revelstoke Internment Camp.

Woodenhead was carved with a double bitted axe and chisels in the 1930s by local resident Peter Fuoco in his free time while working on the Big Bend Highway project.

The sculpture was set on the highway as one of the first road safety warnings in BC, advising speeding motorists to slow down and not be a Woodenhead.

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