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They married in 2075 and had their first child in 2077.

The birth of her first son prompted Juniper to retire from the exciting life of traipsing through the Amazon, looking for (potentially dangerous) magical plants.

Former Occupation(s):▷ Helps run her family's business (Malhotra Group), where her brother was vice president, now director ▷ Does most of the relations work especially for potential business partnerships, which is why she travels a lot domestically and internationally ▷ Part-time jobs in shops and boutiques at Muggle London▷ Ordinary Wizarding Levels (Durmstrang Counterpart) Ancient Runes - A Arithmancy - A Astronomy - D Care of Magical Creatures - A Charms - E Dark Arts - O Divination - P Herbology - E History of Magic - O Muggle Studies - A Potions - A Transfiguration - E ▷ Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (Durmstrang Counterpart) Ancient Runes - A Arithmancy - A Astronomy - dropped class Care of Magical Creatures - E Charms - E Dark Arts - O Divination - dropped class Herbology - A History of Magic - O Muggle Studies - A Potions - A Transfiguration - EDistinguishing Features: Freckles on her face Wand: 10" ebony with a dragon heartstring core and a spinnable quality Broom: She doesnt have one anymore since she left Hogwarts and no longer plays Quidditch as much. Plans and executes interventions when necessary, is always easily reachable by department head, and is capable of stepping in and preforming all the responsibilities of other rangers as needed. Summer Space Camp coordinator at the National Space Centre. Katja is the only child of Vilhelm and Margarete Westergaard, a History of Magic professor and a famous wizarding fashion designer respectively, though both of her parents had children from previous relationships.

Personality: Katrina is very much the same person she was back during her Hogwarts years. History: Katrina is the second child and daughter of Jordan and Clarissa Hudson. Recipient of the Jonathan Eberhart Planetary Sciences Journalism Award. From a very young age, her father expected her to bring the Westergaard name back to its former glory.

She has a fairly kind face, but looks angry when she's concentrating or is plainly not paying attention. She is persistent and seeks out challenges and learning experiences.

She is of mixed descent, a Japanese mother and an Irish father. Though she is slightly disorganized, she always finds things eventually.

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It is completely your choice, whether or not your second Ministry person has its own post or you edit your first one!Being one of the youngest in her generation, she has grown close to her niece Amrita, whom she considers as her very own cousin. Likes: high fashion, traveling, cats, reading, chocolate, goblin-made jewelry, classical music, etiquette, fancy parties, learning about other cultures (magical and muggle), anything blue and/or magenta Dislikes: bigotry, humiliation, plain outfits, getting dirty, bad manners, finger foods, being micromanaged, people saying her name wrong, talking about her family Motto: Whoever says nobodys perfect never met me!As a young girl, Rani enjoys being happy and she could not really ask for more with her current status. Middleton ('nee Hudson, former Ravenclaw) Brother: Alexander D. Summer Space Camp coordinator and counselor at the National Space Centre. Role model: Draco Malfoy because he had a lot of expectations placed on him and went on to defy an unfavorable family history Prized possession: a ring bearing the Westergaard family crest that belonged to her father Secret ambitions: to become Minister of Magic; to be a mother Special Abilities: fluent in many languages, including Gobbledygook Signature: Katja comes from one of the oldest (and most disgraced) wizarding families in Denmark.You will take care of handling any and all VIP's and Foreign Delegations. Summer Space Camp coordinator at the National Space Centre. Summer Space Camp coordinator at the National Space Centre. Summer Space Camp coordinator at the National Space Centre. Begins work at the Ministry of Magic serving as an Evolutionist for the Department of Mysteries. Full name: Katja Adelhaid Westergaard Nicknames: Kati, Kat Date of Birth: October 22, 2059 Place of Birth: Aalborg, Denmark Current Residence: London, England Heritage: pureblood Relationship Status: Single Wand: 13 in.They send invitations to other countries inviting them to visit Britain and/or attend meetings. Receives The Eddington Medal for his research on dark matter. hawthorn with dragon heartstring core Patronus: fennec fox Boggart: a crowd of people laughing at her Amortentia: chocolate, old books, lily of the valley, expensive perfume School: Durmstrang (attended 2070 - 77) Best subjects: Anceint Runes, History of Magic, Muggle Studies Worst subject: Herbology Parents: Margrete (Brodersen) and Vilhelm (Jr.) Westergaard (both deceased) Grandparents: Pernila (Rasmussen) and Vilhelm (Sr.) Westergaard (paternal, both deceased), Loise (Wagner) and Rolf Brodersen Half-siblings: Aleinn and Kristianna (Osbjorn) Brodersen and Ragnild Westergaard Nieces/Nephews: Georg, Astrid, and Valda Brodersen Aunts/Uncles: Annika (Westergaard) and Leonhardt Dahl, Freya (Jensen) and Heinrick Westergaard, and Bette Brodersen Pets: two Persian cats, Thor and Loki Personality: Katja is open-minded, fastidious, hard-working, ambitious, curious and above all, determined.

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