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Curious about what makes these choose-your-own adventure games so memorable? While it's true that dating sims/bishoujo games rarely leave their host country, a few brave companies such as JAST, NIS, Manga Gamer, and the now-defunct Hirameki strive to bring them over here with decent/moderate success.

You’ve been told to become the personal concierge of one of them but who will you choose to take orders from――? The sadistic brothers determined to dominate you are: Chiaki Kira VA: Satoshi Hino The eldest son, and owner of the English Branch of the hotel.The selfish type of sadist who only keeps women who are willing to listen to his orders around.Toma Kira VA: Kosuke Toriumi The owner of the Japanese Branch of the hotel, Toma, takes his work very seriously.As long as he's having fun he's happy, a sadist with a childish attitude.Mei Tarantino VA: Yusuke Shirai A world-renowned pianist, Mei is a mix of Italy and Japan.

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