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Sofia goes to school in the morning because her work starts from 7 p.m. Her income allows her to buy food, as well as pay for her board and lodging, and other school fees.She has extra money to send to her aunt in Negros Oriental, who doesn’t have a clue on how she earns a living.Toni’s story A gay escort named Toni, a fine arts student, confirmed that many students are sex workers. Toni said that because of his income, he was able to provide for his family and pay his tuition.“I don’t think the government can do anything because it’s not just me who’s into it. Toni, 22, offers sexual service to homosexual foreigners and gets P1,500 to P 2,500 per client. “We join dating sites where most of the foreigners (mostly old Caucasian and Americans) come to visit and meet us for sex,” he said.

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Asked if she was scared of catching the virus that causes AIDS, Miles said she was confident that she was healthy since she uses condoms for every sexual contact and has a regular checkup every three months.Unlike Sofia, Miles does not work in a club but stays home and waits for a text message from customers on where and what time they will meet.She uses her earnings to buy new cellular phones, trendy clothes, food and makeup.After graduating from high school, the 16-year-old lass moved from Negros Oriental to Cebu to pursue a college degree.Little did she know that school fees in Cebu were expensive.

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