Invalidating the session in jsp Kentucky sex cams

thanks and then set it to "yes" when the user successfully logs in.Then you should check on every page (maybe better using a filter on your web.xml) for the existance and correct value ("yes") of this parameter.

2007/9/12, Alvaro Sanchez-Mariscal The only thing "wrong" with it is that now you are putting application control logic in a jsp page, which is 'OK' for small apps, and is probably 'OK' in this particular instance if there are no complicating factors.

I don't have any issues copying a username from a session user bean into an action property, particularly since it is likely there is more than a simple "session.invalidate();" call being made on logout.

I'd rather keep *all* my logout functionality in one place and suffer the "overhead" of copying the username into a property for use on the presentation side.

Hey, How to invalidate a Http Sesssion in struts 2.0?

There is a Session Map class which asks for a httpservletrequest as a parameter, and has an invalidate method for the http session, not sure how this works.

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