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This is also the debut of what I affectionately call AJ's SEX EYES.

A third character entered the storyline in May, and his name is Kane (played by Glenn Jacobs).

Point the first: Yes, we know that "wrasslin's fake". I know it's confusing because sometimes they play characters that have the same names as them, but I'm sure y'all can keep up.

In other news, the people on your favorite TV show don't actually fight to the death, fall in love with each other, or save the world, either. What I'm here to talk about is the epic CM Punk-AJ Lee-Daniel Bryan-Kane love quadrangle that has been playing out for the past few months.

I suspect Glenn Jacobs (who plays Kane) must be a big sweetie backstage, because AJ looked like she was having a hard time pretending to be scared of him. AJ stands up, smiles at Kane, and makes SEX EYES at him. Backstage, Kane refused to answer questions about the incident with AJ.

CM Punk was at Wrigley Field today (Sat., May 17, 2014) for the Chicago Cubs 3-0 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers and, in addition to singing during the 7th Inning Stretch (see the photo of all that here), he did an interview in the booth with the announce team.

He didn't say much -- "I'm not working much these days" -- but he did drop one little interesting nugget: He will be getting married to AJ Lee next month.

Point the second: One should assume that I am discussing the kayfabe (ie fictional) characters portrayed by the wrestlers in this post.

This storyline has had me in fangirl squee mode all along, and this is the thread to love it, hate it, or speculate about it!

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