Live camera rom sxs dating dos

SD or HD-SDI (up to 1.5G) input supports pool feed recording.

Full HD XAVC-L 50p and 59.94p operations Supports variety of formats including XAVC-Long GOP at 50p and 59.94p.

The reengineered design dramatically reduces the load on the operator's right-arm.With Content Browser Mobile V2.0 proxy trim, proxy partial clip upload and logging are available."In streaming" mode, high quality live streaming is provided by the advanced Sony Qo S technology embedded in the camcorder and in the PWS-100RX1 network RX station .Low power and ergonomic design Designed to minimize power consumption, while lighter lens grip reduces front weight and helps reduce the load on the right-arm.Improves network connectivity Connectivity features include built-in wireless module, RJ-45 Ethernet 100B-T connection and NFC function for easy Wi-Fi setup.

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