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Of course, mobile may not always be the most important device for daily usage.Facebook is placing bets on owning the next hardware play: virtual reality.“We are just at the beginning of powering that experience." Convincing someone of Snapchat's worth hasn't gotten easier, as Facebook offers similar features and a much larger audience.Slowly and deliberately, Snap is showing they can offer more to their community on and off their devices. Open Table is integrated for restaurant reservations. For Snap Inc., the portal to these experiences is Snapchat.The app is arguably better on i Phone than Android, but it's clear that that will change.noted Spiegel was using a Samsung phone in a recent interview.Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are building speakers with voice recognition.

Some may view messaging as a utility, but fundamentally, messaging is the most important reasons for owning a smartphone.

But Snapchat might be able to establish its place without any of that fancy stuff—if it can become the We Chat of America.

Messaging apps have always been a tool for us to communicate with one another.

Facebook users could potentially book a doctor's appointment, pay friends, and hail an Uber all via Messenger.

Some business partners communicate with users via automated bots, while others rely on humans on the other end.

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