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Vieles ist NEU, vieles ist BESSER und vieles WIRD NOCH KOMMEN. Alle bisherigen registrierten Benutzer können sich wie gewohnt einloggen. Technisch auf dem neusten Stand, Übersichtlich...1A. The four are often conspiring together, trying to help the others stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, Molly ends up passing out after accidentally consuming a spiked drink, and Michael ends up saving her. He gets arrested when his mother, Alison Barrington, is murdered.Molly is shown to be precocious and a hopeless romantic, trying to set up Alexis and Mac Scorpio, and setting up romantic dates for Sam and Jason Morgan. When he escapes police custody, Molly agrees to hide him out in her room.It’s part of a process that many women have gone through before her and will continue to do so after. Nach diesem kompletten Relaunch, wo wir den Schritt zu einer vollwertigen Singlebörse gemacht haben, hoffen wir Euch wieder begrüßen zu dürfen. She has to deal with the fallout of her family's problems, including the scandal of Alexis' affair with Mayor Floyd, and Kristina's abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer. Molly is thrilled to become an aunt when Sam and Jason have a son named Danny Morgan.

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Following her parents' divorce, Ric won primary custody of Molly, with Alexis having visitation rights (although Ric and Alexis later agreed to joint custody).When she dressed up in lingerie for him at the end of the finale, the finger wagging and head shakes could be heard across the country.Molly has spent a lot of time in pursuit of something that she’s not even sure exists anymore: a perfect relationship.Molly suspects she has bipolar disorder, like Sonny, but later discovers she's suffering from PTSD. Molly is now in high school, and starts tutoring T. She is arrested, but Alexis manages to get her released. Connie eventually reveals Molly as the writer, giving Molly credit as the author. However, their reunion was cut short when Ric was arrested for mob-related activities.Rafe is also proven innocent, and starts to develop a crush on Molly. Though Molly believed Ric was framed, Ric was killed while in police custody. She believed Ric had been framed by Julian Jerome, Alexis' new boyfriend and a mobster, to make it look like Ric was Julian's boss.

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