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If conducting background checks are simply out of the company’s financial capabilities, it would seem that simply adding a warning statement to their website would be logical choice.Moral reasoning is individual or collective practical reasoning about what, morally, one ought to do.In the capacious sense just described, this is probably a moral question; and the young man paused long enough to ask Sartre's advice.Does that mean that this young man was reasoning about his practical question? Indeed, Sartre used the case to expound his skepticism about the possibility of addressing such a practical question by reasoning. Explicit reasoning is responsibly conducted thinking, in which the reasoner, guided by her assessments of her reasons (Kolodny 2005) and of any applicable requirements of rationality (Broome 2009), attempts to reach a well-supported answer to a well-defined question.Eventually, such empirical work on our moral reasoning may yield revisions in our norms of moral reasoning. This article is principally concerned with philosophical issues posed by our current norms of moral reasoning.For example, given those norms and assuming that they are more or less followed, how do moral considerations enter into moral reasoning, get sorted out by it when they clash, and lead to action?

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The topic of moral reasoning lies in between two other commonly addressed topics in moral philosophy.Of course, we also reason theoretically about what morality requires of us; but the nature of purely theoretical reasoning about ethics is adequately addressed in the various articles on ethics.It is also true that, on some understandings, moral reasoning directed towards deciding what to do involves forming judgments about what one ought, morally, to do.When we are faced with moral questions in daily life, just as when we are faced with child-rearing, agricultural, and business questions, sometimes we act impulsively or instinctively and sometimes we pause to reason, not just about what to do, but about what we ought to do.Jean-Paul Sartre described a case of one of his students who came to him in occupied Paris during World War II, asking advice about whether to stay by his mother, who otherwise would have been left alone, or rather to go join the forces of the Free French, then massing in England (Sartre 1975).

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