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After the success of the ‘New Cities’ inspirational conference on June 13 at National Theatre Bucharest, the New Cities conference series held before the Romanian Building Awards continues in the big cities around the country: Cluj-Napoca, September 23, on ‘The Future of Office Buildings’; Timișoara, October 7, on ‘The Future of Hotel and Restaurant Architecture’; Iași, October 17, on ‘The Future of Patrimony Architecture’.

The Iași conference is distinguished by the presence of Iași-born Canadian architect Dan Hanganu as a honorary guest.

We are inviting submissions from interested parties on potential solutions to some of the questions outlined at the end of the paper, with a view to developing an OPC position on how reputational issues may best be addressed.

The Oxford Online Dictionary defines reputation as "the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something" and "a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic." Such beliefs and opinions are based on information that is available about individuals, and on the manner in which this information is interpreted and assessed by others.

Elite worldwide architects, cultural representatives, professors, engineers, diplomats, businessmen and local and central administration representatives will be attending.

Living in Canada since 1971, Iași-born architect Dan Hanganu is one of the most internationally acclaimed Romanian architects, acknowledged for his innovative and impressive projects using mainly glass.

Information is also slower to spread in the physical world.

The development of reputations online is more complicated because, in the digital environment, judgments are generally formed on information people read about others, or images they see, often without the benefit of personal contact and not necessarily in the same context in which it was intended.

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He is a member of the Royal Canadian Arts Academy and of the Romanian Academy and has Honoris Causa titles.

Romanian Building Awards – National Awards for Built Public Space highlights the creative trio – architect, constructor and beneficiary – for building a culture of quality in built space in Romania.

This discussion paper looks at the issue of online reputation from a privacy perspective, and sets out the challenges faced by individuals whose online information has a negative impact on their reputation.

In public, social exchanges are guided by individuals' understanding of the standards of behaviour that pertain to their social group.

In a more private setting, individuals feel more at ease, and more free to express themselves rather than follow a "script." Offline, people have more opportunities to influence how others perceive them in a variety of ways, such as through their behaviour, appearance, accomplishments, and communication skills.

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