Orthodox christian perspective dating

If you ask a Mormon if she's a Christian, chances are you'll receive an emphatic "Yes!

" Many Mormons say they accept the Bible as God's Word, and that they believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Without a doubt we have heard about the constant flow now of persecution of our Faith in almost every part of the world, and in general all Christian faiths.

Many of us have heard that others are not living up the pure and unadulterated Holy Orthodox Christian faith, that we have those who feel that righteousness on their part is far better then giving guidance and expressing this faith in a truthful way of life.

Here the Holy Apostle Peter urges us to humble ourselves beneath the strong hand of God, so that he can lift us up in the appropriate time -- urging us to not be concerned for earthly things, but to throw the care of our lives onto God, Who is our provider.

Nothing on this earth is so important as Orthodox Christians to up hold the faith in which we ourselves where humbly baptized.

We ourselves as Orthodox Christians certainly have several responsiblities in this humble regards in our preparations for the Antichrist and the last days on this earth, we simply have an obligation which are placed upon us!

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In the loving truth of our Holy Orthodox Christian Faith, we ourselves are "experiencing a terrible time, a time such as has never before been seen in the history of Christianity, in the history of mankind! " Thus wrote the humble Archbishop Averky of blessed memory.

But now, both visiting the town of our shared childhood, we were eager to renew our friendship. But after high school, our lives went different directions.

And when Anne and her husband moved to Utah, they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—the Mormon Church.

They'll affirm their belief in the Jesus of the Bible, and that he's central to their faith.

Often they'll remind you that the name of their church is the Church of of Latter-day Saints.

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