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The activists placed yellow letters next to a famous hummingbird design, and now Peruvian authorities are threatening to sue Greenpeace and criminally charge the activists with "attacking archaeological monuments," according to The Associated Press. One type is representational, featuring animals, plant life and other extraordinary figures.

"It's a true slap in the face at everything Peruvians consider sacred," Deputy Culture Minister Luis Jaime Castillo told The Associated Press of the activists' decision to enter a "strictly prohibited" area next to a famous hummingbird design. The other consists of the lines, mostly straight lines crossing the region's pampas in different directions.

Also on the show, Nick Brooks talks about how climate change in the Sahara may have given rise to complex human societies, and taking us back even further in human evolution is Clive Finlayson, who discusses how a new fossil discovery shows that Neanderthals were alive and kicking in Gibraltar well after the arrival of modern humans.Incidents of "naked tourism" at the 15th-century Inca citadel were on the rise this year, but tourists trying to visit sans clothing are being detained.AHF collaborates with government and non-governmental organizations in Peru to provide HIV testing and treatment to most-at-risk populations, supporting the timely entry of treatment under the service linkage model.Desde que la mitad de las nuevas infecciones ocurren entre personas menores de 20 años, se promueve desde la adolescencia la prevención de las ITS y el VIH a través de campañas informativas y la adecuación de los servicios de salud.Con esto se está logrando una conciencia sobre el VIH y programas preventivos para llegar a las audiencias jóvenes a nivel nacional.

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