Poly speed dating oakland

Presenter's Note: This is a discussion workshop, with audience questions and comments encouraged.The material here overlaps somewhat with our Polyamory As Self-Determination workshop. workshop is geared to people who are new to open relationships and includes a lot of "intro to poly" material, where the Polyamory As Self-Determination workshop assumes that the audience already has a sense of what polyamory is about.- When you arrive you will have 15 minutes to get settled in order yourself a drink/food, and mingle (please note that beverages and food are not included in your ticket price -- little bits will be provided!)- You will then have 5 minutes to talk with potential matches and get to know them more.As the saying goes, there are as many ways to do polyamory as there are people who do it.(This is, of course, true for monogamous relationships as well.) So in the end, polyamory isn't about how many relationships are active at any moment, and not at all about sex.The right to decide for yourself how you want to live is a classic American ideal.Thinking about polyamory this way avoids distracting question of sex and who does what with who, and creates openings to connect with others dealing with self-determination issues in their own communities.

It's why we can't talk easily and freely about sex the way we talk about almost anything else we do.Rather, it's about knowing that each person has the right to choose whatever sexual/relationship structure works best for that person (in honest communication with all other stakeholders).So polyamory is really about living your own life your own way.Poly relationships are typically built on values of trust, loyalty, and honest negotiation of a win-win for everyone.Past that, poly relationships are highly varied; poly people define for themselves how they want their particular relationship to go.

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