Prisoner dating psychology

We spoke to her about the ethical implications of posting Magnotta’s profile and the upsides of prison pen pals. I thought it would be a neat little business to start on the side, to make some extra money while helping inmates connect with pen pals. You’ve received a lot of media attention and criticism for allowing Luka Magnotta to submit a profile. I agree that Luka Magnotta is notorious; he committed a horrible crime that doesn’t sit well with me. Like, “Let’s forget people because they’ve killed somebody, but we’ll accept people who are in on drug charges or bank robberies.” But Magnotta has proven he’s a danger to other people.

But what it came down to was: this is the business, right? They’ve lost their freedom to be in society, but they haven’t lost the right to communicate with people who want to communicate with them. There is a difference between someone convicted of a non-violent drug charge and a guy who’s murdered and dismembered someone, and is now looking to date. But you could go join any other dating site, and you don’t have to disclose that you’re in jail or have a criminal record or your current lifestyle.

Each prisoner is in solitary confinement with no means of communicating with the other.

The prosecutors lack sufficient evidence to convict the pair on the principal charge.

Know your rights and your psychologist’s responsibilities in several common ethical dilemmas: Your psychologist shouldn't also be your friend, client or sex partner.

That’s because psychologists are supposed to avoid relationships that could impair their professional performance or harm their clients.

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It was originally framed by Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher working at RAND in 1950. Tucker formalized the game with prison sentence rewards and named it, "prisoner's dilemma" (Poundstone, 1992), presenting it as follows: Two members of a criminal gang are arrested and imprisoned.Some of these guys are getting out of jail one day, so why not create a positive environment for [them] to come out to, instead of setting them up for failure and not helping with the rehabilitation process?It’s not explicitly a dating site, but a lot of the profiles seem geared towards romantic relationships.Each prisoner is given the opportunity either to: betray the other by testifying that the other committed the crime, or to cooperate with the other by remaining silent.The offer is: It is implied that the prisoners will have no opportunity to reward or punish their partner other than the prison sentences they get, and that their decision will not affect their reputation in the future.

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