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He wants to know if your best friend has broken up with her boyfriend; he'll want to know about your brother's new puppy.

He'll follow your closest pals on social media, and he's confident enough in your relationship to encourage you to see them more. A good guy treats others with respect and kindness, even if he privately doesn't like certain people.

But while I'm friends with these immature dudes (immaturity is much less of an issue in a friendship than a relationship, after all), I'm also friends with guys are damn good partners.

And more often than not, the reason they're not in relationships is either because they're not ready for one (and are loving the bachelor life) or are just plain immature.

While it is easy to make a list of must-have traits when looking for the guy of your dreams, the thing to remember is that human personalities are complex things – they are not only a mix of positive and negative traits but even the same characteristic may have both desirable and less than happy manifestations.

Thus if you are dating a guy with no drive or ambition, explore how it can both hinder and enrich your love life.

A good guy understands that your friends are just as important as your family.A lot of women think that if they love a man enough and support him that they can force him to get with the program and become successful.But the fact is that unless a guy has enough initiative of his own which would lead him to make something of himself, the effort to improve him is likely to be a losing battle.When my girlfriend was promoted at her job, I was arguably more excited than she was. On the other hand, her mom (aka, my competition when it comes to being her biggest supporter) threw a family dinner at a hot restaurant in town.Even though I wanted to, I couldn't bring myself to ask my girlfriend which event she liked more. Call it privilege or stubbornness: No man wants to admit he's wrong, even when he knows it.

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