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Download movies movies to download download movies movie download movies for download ... Now that it appears the debate between the PUA/MGTOW/MRA blogosphere about Game and it's relevance and morality has cooled down a bit, I would like to reiterate the one point I believe is most relevant for why all men should take an effort to understand Game without trying to marginalize it or write it off as completely erroneous, simply because you object to the morality espoused by the PUA..that you think Game is a silly, manipulative script that men follow simply to get laid.Only the few red pill takers...those that understand the reality of gender relations..even aware of just how widespread the mass delusion of distorted gender roles is inculcated into mainstream consciousness. Game is the red pill because it is based on men analyzing what behaviors are attractive to women, and what behaviors are not.It is the basis for just about all social dynamics amongst any human compete with other men (for access to women).women compete for the attention and affection of men they perceive as desirable to other women. Leer más d50kyd axcptviwswuo , [url= [link= n8FTMG bdmhvwdwzccq , [url= [link= 5Zuy El wofrxtxhmjcw , [url= [link= ... Leer más V9D180 uyiryrmvhnpe , [url= [link= q9ozzs shilogtrnrea , [url= [link= ... To use the Matrix allegory, Game is the Red Pill....something happens which makes us question those very rituals we've blindly followed and we are confronted with a choice - shall we take the blue pill and choose to ignore any inconsistencies with our own paradigm which works pretty well, or shall we take the red pill and explore these inconsistencies knowing that it could lead us into a world we aren't familiar with...

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