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The New Brunswick campuses include 19 undergraduate, graduate and professional schools, including the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, the Edward J.

Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, School of Engineering, the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, the Graduate School, the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, the Graduate School of Education, School of Management and Labor Relations, the Mason Gross School of the Arts, the College of Nursing, the Rutgers Business School and the School of Social Work.

Three trucks remain on the College Avenue Campus, while the remaining two were moved to the Cook/Douglass Campus.

Now, there is a store opening in the new area on College Avenue called "The Yard".

While several student centers, libraries, commercial venues, and dining halls are found on the various campuses, each campus has a unique environment created by the academic departments and facilities it hosts.

Residence halls provide many facilities for students.

The campus is composed of several smaller campuses: College Avenue, Busch, Livingston, Cook, and Douglass, the latter two sometimes referred to as "Cook/Douglass," as they are adjacent to each other.

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Every floor or house has a resident assistant, an upper class student mentor who has received special training and is responsible for handling a number of tasks, such as planning programs and events, monitoring for safety, and documenting policy and procedure violations.The Rutgers Grease Trucks were located in a designated lot for nearly two decades until August 2013.Truck owners were forced to relocate due to the construction of a million student apartment complex.Clarkson’s favourite man to mock, Captain Slow to Top Gear viewers, studied with an ear for a different kind of noise.Meanwhile Kate Adie, the renowned broadcaster, took Scandinavian studies while at uni.

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