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'As you can imagine,' she said, 'there's a lot of adrenaline pumping and in the heat of the moment...Well, I can't reveal what goes on.' While the athletes in Sydney and Salt Lake City proved that their private activities made no difference to their performance in the games themselves, they have accidentally created another - unofficial - title to compete for.Home team pride was rescued by the discovery that the British came second with an annual average of 107.The athletes will get some of their share of the £150,000 worth of condoms in the 'goody bags' each is presented with upon checking in at the Games Village.Kyle Machulis, who is an expert on all things sex, said about the game: "Kinect is obviously a natural technology for this kind of usage, since the 'hands-free' approach means that the user's hands are available for other actions, be it manipulating the game, or themselves – or, in this case, possibly both at the same time."I'm impressed with the quick development turnaround for getting new controls into their engine like this, especially using resources from the open-source community."Open source? Some games are played to exploit or fight off sexual impulses.If both have consented, is it manslaughter, misadventure – or murder? After he’d died, Sada wrapped up Kitchi’s dismembered penis and kept it in her handbag. She was convicted of second-degree murder and mutilation of a corpse and sentenced to six years in prison.

Microsoft Kinect is to get its very own X-rated sex game, courtesy of adult videogame company Thri XXX.

And despite the freezing temperatures, competitors and officials at this year's Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City needed to be issued with 12,000 condoms.

Denise Lewis, Britain's heptathlon gold medallist in Sydney, knows what can happen when under-pressure athletes need to release the tension.

The unnamed game (it's currently at demo stage) is offering up controller-free stimulation, where you can wave your hands to caress pixelated ladies on the screen – and probably cry afterwards as you try and figure out how your life got to such a low point that you have to get your kicks out of virtual porn.

Hands-free The game, unsurprisingly, is not an official port for Kinect.

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