Ted iphone app not updating

The most common reason an i Phone feels hot to the touch is software related, this is usually because some app or process running on the i Phone is making heavy usage of the devices processor, leading to excessive energy usage and heat dissipation.The good news is that because the problem is usually software related, the fix is usually easy as well.

Once the update installs your i Phone will then reindex data on the device, as mentioned in step ‘0’ which ironically can make a device run warm for a while.

Here are five simple solution to fix an i Phone if it’s running too hot: If you just updated to a new version of i OS system software and now the i Phone is hot, the i Phone sometimes runs warm for a while as the device reindexes data on your phone.

This is normal and it will sort itself out over time, typically if you leave an i Phone plugged in over night (in a well ventilated setting) the indexing will complete and the i Phone will return to normal temperature.

A number of i Phone and i Pad users have discovered cellular data usage is failing to work after updating to i OS 9.

The cellular data problem is typically manifested in a few ways; either an outright failure to transmit any data or access the internet whatsoever when the i Phone or i Pad is connected to a cellular network (though wi-fi continues to work), a failure of certain apps to connect to mobile data or access cellular data, or, in some situations the Cellular Data button is disabled but grayed out and unable to be toggled on.

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