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Source: Shutter Stock kuhbug: Disney doesn't know sh*t, they lie. Enjoy the moments spent laying on the couch watching TV.

Happiness is in the little things, not big castles and magic carpet rides. You won't always spend all night long texting on talking on the phone, but enjoy it while you do.

As it turned out, a few months later I reluctantly agreed to go on a “blind date” and knew immediately that I’d met the man I would marry. So that’s as close as I could come to “marrying without dating”. True love can be amazing, but it really doesn’t “fix” everything. Even the Bible talks about “the way of a man with a maid” as too wonderful to understand (Prov. Observe them in different contexts – work, home, leisure – and ask others what they see too.

One of these days I’m going to share our love story because that man of mine? Lisa is the happily-ever-after wife of Matthew Jacobson and together they enjoy raising and home-educating their 8 children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We pray and trust God to watch over him and over her – both before and after that lovely wedding day.

It really is hard work but when you are with the right person it is worth it! Don't expect too many big romantic gestures from a normal guy.

Also, don't expect every hangout sesh to be off-the-charts amazing and exciting.

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