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For example, instead of streaming my webcam to one of my friends in Windows Live Messenger, I can instead stream image slideshows, video playback, and even my own desktop.

For advanced users, you can enable the Pi P mode where you can stream TWO sources at the same time.

Whitecream is currently down please use this guide below to install xxx-odus adult addon its a quality replacement kodi adult addon.

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The Ultimate Whitecream add-on is now installed and ready to use.’ …aren’t too sure how you determine what the number one is but we thought we would investigate and see for ourselves.We took a bunch of adult add-ons and put they through the test.Split Cam is a free software that is capable of splitting and distributing the signal from your webcam so that it can be simultaneously used on multiple applications.Other than that, Split Cam also comes with some goodies to make the webcam streaming more interesting by allowing you to add special and funny effects.

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