Valenti dating service

After speaking with a potential client today who made reference to this article, I decided it was time,” said President Irene Valenti.

Less than one tenth of one percent, (.001), that is the fraction of clients that have pursued a legal complaint with Valenti International, now in business for over 19 years in the same small and private affluent community of Rancho Santa Fe, California. “I personally witnessed the San Diego Union Tribune staff writer illegally entering and bypassing security gates in the hopes of gaining information about celebrity clients,” says Steve Valenti, Director of Operations for Valenti International.

I'm not saying that the result he reaches is wrong. Which is hardly limited to dating contracts, but instead will apply to a whole slew of contractual arbitration claims in the face of statutory allegations. On the practical side, I only have one point: How could a high-classed pimp -- er, I mean, "matchmaker" -- not hire an attorney to make sure that her contracts comply with the one statute that exhaustively regulates her business and voids any contract that doesn't?

It seems to me that doing so would be more than worth even a single ,000 fee.

Appearing as if it were yesterday, the San Diego Union Tribune article “Can’t buy me love,” appears in Google and Yahoo search results as if it were hot of the presses.

Valenti International feels the time is now to finally tell their side of the story.

Presumably an arbitrator could -- and would -- find what the law requires and refund the money.

I wrote it, I was obviously being sarcastic, and this post is long enough, so I'll leave it in. Plus, lots of statutes say that a contract is void if certain requirements aren't met; does this mean that a statute that requires you to put the date on any signature line, for example, under penalty of having the contract be void also prevent mandatory arbitration?This seems both overly hypertechnical and not at all consistent with the overall doctrinal preference for arbitration.What is not stated in the article is that most cases were amicably settled and never actually reached a court of law.Thus, the term “sued” was completely misleading creating the impression that Valenti International is fraudulent and in big trouble with the law when the fact is that a majority of clients are pleased.

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