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Letters to the Editor Sir - I'm note sure if it was deliberate on your part or just ironic - but the two stories on pages four and five in last week's Sunday Independent showed the complete polar opposite of how the world in which we live has evolved.

Ireland has been sent into massive depressions after Fianna Fail governments as a matter of course due to their tendency to tax and squander.

Letters to the Editor Sir - How do you say goodbye to someone whom you have never known yet who has been very much part of your life?

Every Sunday morning it has been an essential part of my enjoyment of reading the Sunday Independent, to check what poet and poem Anthony Cronin was having us consider for the day; for the week.

Newsdesk Former Cork hurler Conor Cusack claimed to be 'distressed' after reading an anecdote in Joe Brolly's Sunday Independent column ahead of today's All-Ireland final between Dublin and Kerry.

With arts sector funding receiving cuts every year, private arts funding is stepping into the breach.

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