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Ronald was The Scotsman’s theatre critic in the early 1960s, and was director of the Scottish Arts Council.

James was a playwright, screenwriter, and surgeon; his own grandmother’s maiden name was “Bridie”. She has stated that her mother is Irish and that she has a little bit of Danish in her from a grandmother, hence her name.

I feel I’ll be here for the next year, taking a bit of time out, and then we’ll see.

“I was always in love with that old romantic French idea and it has definitely lived up to it.

I did all the very clichéd things at first: listened to jazz, walked by the river…

In my street there’s a cabaret that does burlesque shows and beside me there’s a poodle parlour where French ladies bring their little dogs to be groomed.

Whilst Freya may not have been afraid to flash the flesh in her daring gown, she previously admitted that she found the behaviour of other young stars 'appalling'.

She soared to fame with her role as wild child Mini Mc Guinness in Skins.

And Freya Mavor appeared to be taking style tips from her character, as she donned a risque gothic gown that showed off her derriere on Thursday.

The articles are on this fan page but from legit interviews.

All on this site: In ES magazine: “Mavor’s family, an Irish illustrator mother, Scottish playwright father and older brother Zander, lived in La Rochelle on the southwest coast of France until she was nine” also mentions her mother is Irish in the You magazine interview below the first one: “My mum’s a crazy, red-headed Irish woman and the wisest person I know.” It’s mentioned that she has distant Danish in the Scots man interview: “she’s a Scots girl at heart (with a touch of Danish from a grandmother, hence the name) ” Please correct.

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