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“Often stresses in the relationship will be reflected in a diminished desire for sex by one or the other,” says Kenneth Jedding, LCSW, a psychotherapist and author.

“Sex will ebb and flow in a long marriage and, frankly, a long marriage, if good, will be about love more than sex.” In short, sex isn’t the be-all and end-all of your relationship, so it shouldn’t be the only way you measure the success of your marriage.

And for more great marriage advice, here are 30 Things Straight Couples Can Learn from Gay Couples. “Couples get so comfortable with one another that they stop noticing and appreciating all that their partner does for them and the relationship,” says Rhonda Milrad, LCSW, relationship therapist and founder of online relationship community, Relationup.

“More importantly, they stop acknowledging and expressing gratitude for their partner’s efforts.” So next time your spouse does something nice for you, know that a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way.

Instead of focusing all your energy on the act of getting married, spend some time talking about what happens afterwards, too.

And for more long-term tips, don’t miss the 50 Worst Pet Peeves That Grind on Relationships. “This happens most frequently when children are involved, but it can happen with extended family and friends,” says Justin Lavelle, Chief Communications Officer at Been

Make saving a priority from the beginning for less stress down the road.

For several handy and easy ways to save, know these 18 Secrets Salespeople Don’t Want You to Know.

It’s no secret that cash is often a subject of contention in marriages, but some of the friction around money can be solved by simply saving more of it.

“Holding in all your frustrations just leads to resentment or if you try to block your frustrations from your conscious mind, it goes into your subconsciousness where it causes all kinds of psychological and physical problems.

This is why it is so important to learn how to argue well in a healthy way, so you don’t take cheap shots at each other and you aren’t afraid to discuss—and even argue about—the issues you need to.” “Many couples get into the dynamic of fighting for control, whether it is by trying to dominate the handling of financial issues, spending habits, or how to raise the kids,” notes Steve Mindel, J.

“As time goes on, some married couples may rest on the laurels of all that history instead of continuing the conversation as the years and relationship progress.” There’s no sugarcoating it: Marriage is challenging.

“Sometimes couples forget there are imperfections in life, in people, and yes, in marriage,” Cunningham-Sumter says.

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