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Clients contact agencies by telephone and offer a description of what kind of escorts are sought.

The agency will then suggest an escort who might fit that client's need.

Escort agencies claim that they are dispatching these individuals to provide a social or conversational service rather than a sexual service, since prostitution laws often forbid taking payment for sex or communicating for the purpose of arranging a contract for sexual services.

Advertisements for escort agencies often carefully skirt the legal line, and avoid specifically offering prostitution or sexual services.

The legislator, who is spearheading the campaign here has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper Reforma because they have not stopped taking the classified ads for these services, but have instead put in place a mandatory presentation of official identification of the person placing the ad and the signing of a waiver stating that they are placing the ad on their own behalf and releasing the newspaper from anything that may come from the services offered.

Most recently, the legislature in Mexico has modified the law to close some loop holes or grey areas and are like the United States zooming in on the "End User" or client.

Escort agencies are companies that provide escorts for clients, usually for sexual services.

It is, however, a criminal offence to pay for services of a prostitute who is controlled for gain if any third party uses force, threat (whether or not relating to violence) or any other form of coercion.

The arm's length relationship between the escort and the escort agency is designed to protect the escort agency (to some degree) from prosecution for breaking laws against prostitution.

If the employee is solely responsible for arranging any illegal prostitution-oriented activities, the agency can maintain plausible deniability should an arrest be made.

This fact in turn is well-known to police and the political powers, who, where prostitution is illegal, usually prefer to act against more visible and problematic street prostitution.

This has been criticized as hypocrisy, especially where governments license and tax the escort agencies.

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